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Hello there!
We are two young professionals working in the wonderful London. We are frequent travellers, enjoying visiting our family, making frequent city-breaks, overseas vacations and business trips.
With cabin bag restrictions, priority costs, security gates rules etc. we found ourselves spending way too much time in organising our packings to ensure that we carry all we need without compromising too much space for clothes or weight down our suitcase.
If we had the time to plan in advance, we still had to run around multiple shops to find what we needed. Also, if we forgot something, we would rely on buying it overpriced off the shelf.
After multiple online and retail researches, we decided to create multiple travel-size toiletries sets to help us and other travellers to solve the packing struggle!
From travels, we have expanded the offerings to sport activities, hospital staying and maternity bags!
We are truly passionate about our products and we are continuously working on new sets to suit different customers’ needs.

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