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27 Items in 1 for Women

Regular price £24.99

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27 Items in 1 for Women

Regular price £24.99

Get it in 3 business days with FREE UK Delivery!

Our mid-range set with a selection of toiletries from dry shampoo to body cream to carry with you on getaways, city breaks or business trips.


The 27 Items in 1 for Women Contains:

  • Rose Red Mini pop-out hairbrush with compact mirror included (7.5cm)
  • Nivea spray deodorant pearl & beauty, 48 hours antiperspirant protection (35ml)
  • Astral face and body moisturiser (50ml). Made in the UK
  • Au Lait bath & shower (50ml). Made in the UK
  • Au Lait shampoo with silk extracts (50ml). Made in the UK
  • Robinson Healthcare readiwipes wet, hands, faces and intimate area alcohol free, 100% biodegradable (10pc)
  • Transparent pouch airport size and TSA approved, 17x14x6cm or 6.6x5.5x2.3in
  • 2 Perfume sample vials
  • Foldable Travel Toothbrush Medium
  • Toothpaste Colgate Advance white (50ml)
  • Pack of Kleenex
  • Medex hand-sanitizer (50ml). Made in the UK
  • Lip balm (it can be original, strawberry or aloe vera flavour, please let us know if you have any preference)
  • Blue shower cup
  • 2 Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes
  • 3 Hair elastic bands
  • 2 Alchol Pads for disinfection
  • Bathroom Kit (2 cotton pads, 2 cotton buds, 1 nail file)
  • Wrapped Soap 15gr
  • Pair of Silicone Ear Plugs
  • Batiste 50ml Dry Shampoo
  • Hairs Clips
  • Freeman Revitalizing Pomegranate Peel-Off Gel Mask Sachet - 15ml
  • Simple 30ml Eye Make up Remover


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To make flying further stress free we searched for the rules and guidelines for travel toiletries on planes.

We address (using only reliable sources and our extensive travel experience) the usual questions that every traveler faces at least once:

are travel size toiletries allowed on airplanes?
can you travel with toiletries?
what are the travel toiletries rules?

or the usual Google searches:

travel toiletries size regulations
travel toiletries requirements
international travel toiletries rules
travel size toiletries limit


Search no more!


The requirements to be met at every airport as per international aviation standards are:

  • Each liquid (such as aerosols, drinks, toothpaste, cosmetic creams or gels) must be in its own container of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces)
  • All liquids should be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) with a total capacity of up to a 1 liter (approximately one quart)
  • You must be able to completely close the bag and be able to fit it in your hand luggage
  • Liquid containers larger than 100ml must be placed in checked baggage
  • The bag must not be knotted or tied at the top
  • Only one transparent plastic bag per passenger is permitted
  • The bag of liquids must be taken out of other hand baggage to be screened separately


Take any of our approved Sets and go through security without any worries!